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When my boss told me that he needed me to shop for some fleet vehicles for our business, I thought I would be getting a well-deserved break from work. Unfortunately, the task quickly snowballed into a giant ordeal. In addition to finding a dealer that we could trust, I also didn't really know how to decide between makes and models. However, after a lot of research, I was able to narrow down my choices. I was able to find a group of cars that our salespeople could drive comfortably, and it really helped our business to branch out. This blog is all about shopping for new cars, and how to avoid some of the more common pitfalls.


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Why A Brand New Economy Car Might Be The Right Choice For Your Teenager

If you have a teenager who is about to start driving, then you might want to help them get a car. Many parents start by looking for used cars for their teenagers, and this might be where you have started your search too. However, a brand new economy car could actually be the right type of vehicle to buy for your teen for these reasons.

They're Surprisingly Affordable

As a parent of a teenager, you might be on a budget. After all, teens can be expensive, and you might be preparing to pay for your child's college too. Because of this, you could be looking at cheaper used cars. However, economy cars typically come with surprisingly low price tags, even when they are brand new. Therefore, you might be able to fit a brand new economy car into your budget when shopping for a car for your teen.

They're Environmentally Responsible

If your teen is serious about environmental responsibility, or if you are trying to teach your teen how to be more environmentally conscious, then you might find that a new economy car that is good on fuel will be a good choice.

They're Cheap to Maintain

You might be buying a car for your teen, but you might expect your teen to pay for their own fuel and other vehicle ownership costs. Luckily, economy cars are usually cheap when it comes to fuel use, and things like tires are often cheaper for these smaller cars. Therefore, your teen should hopefully be able to keep up with the ownership costs of one of these more affordable cars.

Your Teen Should Be Safe

Even though economy cars are small, newer economy cars are typically designed and built to be as safe as possible. A brand new car will typically have better safety ratings than an older used car that might not have been built to the same specifications and that may have been wrecked previously.

Your Teen Might Keep it for a While

If you buy your teen a brand new economy car right now, then they might be able to keep this car for years to come. Then, you won't have to worry about your teen not having a good, reliable vehicle through their college years and beyond.

They Should Find Driving to Be Easy

Brand new cars are often easier to drive than older vehicles. If you choose an economy car in particular, then your teen might find that it's easier to maneuver into small parking spots and to move around in small spaces. 

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