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When my boss told me that he needed me to shop for some fleet vehicles for our business, I thought I would be getting a well-deserved break from work. Unfortunately, the task quickly snowballed into a giant ordeal. In addition to finding a dealer that we could trust, I also didn't really know how to decide between makes and models. However, after a lot of research, I was able to narrow down my choices. I was able to find a group of cars that our salespeople could drive comfortably, and it really helped our business to branch out. This blog is all about shopping for new cars, and how to avoid some of the more common pitfalls.


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Have A New Teenage Driver? Why You May Want To Buy Them A Brand New Car

If you are like most parents, you may get panic attacks and nightmares imagining your teenager behind the wheel and on the road. But no matter how much you freak out about it; it's not going to prevent the inevitable: you will have a teenage driver before you know it. While your initial thought may be to buy them an old junker car to get them to school, activities, and friends' houses, you may want to reconsider and buy them a brand new car instead, but why? 

You Know It's Not Going to Break Down

You want your kids to be safe; especially when they are new drivers on the road. When you give them an old car, they are more likely to end up on the side of the road with a broken down car, which can be dangerous for a variety of reasons, especially if they are driving in the dark. When you get your child a brand new car, you significantly reduce the risk that they are going to break down anytime because everything is new, it's really rare for it to have any issues. 

You Know It's Going to Be Safer

Every year, cars go through different types of safety tests to ensure that they are safe enough to be on the road. Newer cars typically have to go through more extensive crash tests to make sure that if your child were to get hit by a truck from different angles, then they would be okay. With more advanced safety features included in newer cars as well (like more airbags and side cameras), your child is going to be more protected. 

Other things new cars include are things like the inability to text while you are driving, which can be real struggle for new teenage drivers not to do. Also, they will have hands free calling, so if they are ton the road and you need to talk to them, then you know they are still being safe. 

You don't need to go crazy and buy your teenage driver a brand new luxury car, but you can buy them a reasonable car like a new Kia Optima for sale. Just knowing that they are going to be safer and that they are less likely to break down on the road are reasons enough for you to consider buying them a new vehicle. 

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