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Shopping For A New Car

When my boss told me that he needed me to shop for some fleet vehicles for our business, I thought I would be getting a well-deserved break from work. Unfortunately, the task quickly snowballed into a giant ordeal. In addition to finding a dealer that we could trust, I also didn't really know how to decide between makes and models. However, after a lot of research, I was able to narrow down my choices. I was able to find a group of cars that our salespeople could drive comfortably, and it really helped our business to branch out. This blog is all about shopping for new cars, and how to avoid some of the more common pitfalls.


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Preparing A Car For Sale

If you are going to be selling your car then there are some things you should do before allowing interested parties to come out and visually inspect it. You want to make sure it is looking its best and that it will perform to its best abilities as well. Here is a simple checklist you can turn to in order to make sure you aren't accidentally forgetting to do something that may really help you get your car sold for the price you are hoping for.

Have the car professionally detailed – Cleaning and 'sprucing up' your car on your own may seem like an easy enough task. However, there really is a big difference between you cleaning the car yourself and taking it in to the professionals. They will make sure they get every crumb out of all those nooks and crannies. They also have powerful vacuums with all the hose tips needed to reach those hard-to-get-to spots. They will also give it a good wash and wax, leaving the paint looking in as good of shape as possible. They even have a spray they use to help give it that 'new car' smell.

Have the car tuned up and get it an oil change – Unless you have just recently had the car tuned up and got an oil change done, you should take it in to have these things freshly done. Keep your receipts to turn over to the new owner. You'll find your car will run much smoother during the test drives after having these things done. The new buyer will also appreciate the fact that they won't have to deal with these things for a long time since you have just had them taken care of.

Get new tires – If the tires are questionable at all, then your best bet will be to take the car in for new tires. Buyers are notorious for actually kicking tires and pointing out any wear in them, then using that wear as a way to begin negotiations on getting you to go down in price. On the other hand, when you have brand new tires on the car, you can turn things in your favor and use those new tires as a great selling point.

Have cracks in the windshield repaired – If there are any small cracks in the windshield, you may be able to have them easily fixed without replacing the windshield. Doing this will give the buyer one less thing to point out when they are going over the condition of the car with you.

For more information on selling a used Lexus gs 350, contact your local dealership.